Just as fish need water, birds their wings, for the Mariachis the state of Jalisco Mexico is the oxygen to survive. It is a great experience for a Mariachi band of a non-mexican origin to come to Jalisco and to take part in the best Mariachi festival. Authentic atmosphere, high-quality music interpretation and human warmth motivates the further learning process of every participanting group. The famous international festival called " Encuentro International del Mariachi" anually hosts mariachi groups coming from different conuntries of Americas, Europe and Asia. Our group's best moments came in September 2006 when we were invited to take part in the event.

While we  were performing for an audience like the one in Guadalajara, a special emotional feeling got into our musical soul : "we were there !, in the very root place of the mariachi music. We were amazed by the role of mariachi music. We were also surprised by the interest of the mexican press in our Mariachi. Well, we were a bunch of people who came from far and who seemed to be so enthusiastic about playing mexican traditional music!

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